Owner: Chris "Bud" Johnson

What We Do
We harvest our own trees to create dimensional lumber, plant replacement trees, and create useful by-products such as firewood and sawdust. We do custom saw milling, and produce specialty products from plum, oak, maple, and other hardwoods.

From I5 North bound take Exit 231. Do the round-a-bout and drive over I5. At the next round-a-bout go basically straight through, staying in the left lane to the Josh-Wilson Road, West bound. (NOTE: Do NOT turn to the right, Highway 11). Proceed across the farm lands in the valley, up the big hill and drive into the town of Bayview (about 6 miles). Turn right onto Bayview Edison Road, North bound about 1.3 miles.You will pass the Bayview State Park and the Braezeale Interpretive Center. Notice the large gold colored mail box with trees on it, and tree farm sign on fence.


Bayview Boards

One mile north of Bayview State Park, Washington State, USA

9775 Bayview Edison Road
Bow, WA 98232
GPS – N 48° 30.31’ by W 122° 28.93’

Call or Email:
206-914-4948 cell
"Every Board is Good for Something"